Oct. 1st, 2004

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I am so entranced with this website that I feel the need to share:


It crunches census and other data up, down, and sideways, producing community profiles for places of all sizes, and many deeply interesting or entertaining rankings. Which state has the most mobile homes? How many people take public transportation to work in Honolulu? What are the top ten college towns, or the top ten places to be a 55-year-old lesbian? I could pore over this site for days.

I picked it up at the APA New England Planning Conference in Springfield today, which I attended on the cheap as a student volunteer (Here's your name tag, sir!). Ah, the grad school life.

Most serendipitous and bizarre moment: One presenter, a Connecticut planner, was talking about how much he loves the Google images search engine. As an aside, he said that he had used it to try to look for a picture of a particular McDonald's restaurant, but failed. "Does anyone happen to have any pictures of the McDonald's in Lewiston, New York?" I just about fell off my chair. I told him it was my hometown, we swapped email addresses, and I promised to find him some pictures. At the very least, I can probably ask my parents to take some, and perhaps even bring them when they visit me next weekend.

And now, I'm going to pass out, because I woke up at five this morning in order to get to Springfield in time for my volunteer shift.


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