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It's that time again.

RP681 - Regional Planning Studio II (The Revenge of the Group Project)
RP645 - Growth Management (Wherein we decide whether or not to be rabid New Urbanists)
RP691E - People and the Environment (Because I didn't have enough 691X classes on my transcript already - what's with that?)
CEE695A - Transportation Seminar (All hail the weekly lecture series class format)

My studio project (for which I have a really good team - I am very relieved) involves updating the Open Space & Recreation Plan for the town of Hadley, MA. Yes, Hadley. As in, "Hadley downloaded a virus from the Internet. Hadley" in those old commercials (Well, not really). As in route 9 and the massive commercial strip. As in cows cows cows everywhere else. As in major SJC decision involving phased growth bylaws last year. The so-called asparagus capital of the world. I'm tickled pink. I think Hadley is a fascinating puzzle of a town.

Almost all available daytime hours not spent in class are spent at my internship in the Town of Amherst Planning Department. A fascinating side benefit of this job is that I get advance details of any restaurant planning to open up in town, when they come by for their ZBA special permit. Do you have any idea what "Scandinavian fast food" might be? I don't. But we might have some sometime soon.

Speaking of Valley food, have all my Valley expat friends heard that Pinnochio's had a bad fire and is closed for the indefinite future? Also, my first impressions of the brand new "Crazy Noodles" (must be uttered in best these-prices-are-insane! tv ad voice) on Main Street are good. My bowl of pad thai was decently tasty (although relatively low on salt and oil), and the size of my head. And now I can get Thai iced coffee and iced tea downtown. Danger, Will Robinson.

I am much less sanity-challenged than last September. Much. I'm getting the hang of this school thing, more or less.
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